Vitrail Transparent Glass Paints

  • Can be applied with a brush.
  • Solvent Based and ready to ne used.
  • Colours can be mixed together.
  • Dries in 2 Hours 

Vitrail Lemon

Vitrail Yellow

Vitrail Orange

Vitrail Crimson

Vitrail Purple

Vitrail Brown

Vitrail Sand

Vitrail Salmon

Vitrail Pink

Vitrail Red Violet

Vitrail Apple Green

Vitrail Greengold

Vitrail Chartreuse

Vitrail Dark Green

Vitrail Emerald

Vitrail Turquoise

Vitrail Sky Blue

Vitrail Cobalt Blue

Vitrail Deep Blue

Vitrail Violet

Vitrail Old Pink

Vitrail Parma

Vitrail Black

Vitrail White

Vitrail Gold

Vitrail Pearl